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Chumpha Festival

Chumpha Festival Celebration by Tanghul Nagas in Manipur Assam. The Chumpha Festival is a harvest Festival held every year in Manipur state. This special occasion is mainly celebrated by the Tanghul Nagas tribal of the state, for whom it is a very important festival. They celebrate this festival with great happiness, merriment, fun and excitement. The Festival is celebrated for 7 days and a week after the harvest season in the month of December. However, during the last 3 days of the cultural events, the festival is organized, including traditional songs, dance and music performances. These celebrations include gatherings of family and friends to enjoy and rejoice the special occasion.

Chumpha Festival Date: December

Manipur as a state is famous for its tradition, culture and beliefs. There are various festivals and fairs held in the state throughout the different seasons of the year. However, one chief reason behind the celebration of the Chumpha Festival by Tanghul Nagas is that they wish to preserve their traditional culture. As against other festivals where women have a limited role to play and participate, this special festival gives huge responsibilities to women. The word Chumpha in local Manipuri language means openings of the Granary. The Chumpha Festival is mainly celebrated in the month of December.

The special interest about this event is there is no religious barrier and it is just a simple and beautiful, thanksgiving ceremony dedicated to the local Tribal God. They look to offer their devotions and homage to their cosmic god for blessing them with a plenty of agricultural crops. Chumpha Festival also marks the welcome of the New Year with prayers and offerings.

The exciting aspect to be noticed regarding the festivals and fairs held here in Manipur is that although there are different festivals, fairs and events for different tribal communities and races, they all celebrate with equal passion, enthusiasm and zeal. The end of the Festival is marked by a march that is carried out within the village premises. The last feature of such auspicious event reveals the magnificence of their cultural potency which in turn makes them exclusive, lively and very vibrant.


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