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Delhi Garden Festival

 Delhi Garden Festival

The Delhi Garden Festival is celebrated in a grand style in the Indian city of Delhi. It is the capital city of the country, and it is rightly so in every aspect, including in case of the festivals. Garden festivals in India cover various innovative and beautiful works of the flowers. The one that is held in Delhi is certainly one of the best.

Delhi Garden Festival Date:

Delhi Garden Festival Date 2017- 25 to 27 February

Delhi Garden Festival Date 2018- Last week of February*

Delhi Garden Festival Date 2019-  Last week of February*

Delhi Garden Festival Date 2020- Last week of February*

Note-*Dates are finalized as per convenience of local administration. Check before finalizing the itinerary.

About the Flowers

Flowers are symbolization of the festive mood that every human possesses in the world. The florists can do various creative works with the flowers and showcase them in the festivals. Their works are often used for commercial purpose as well. People buy the works of the flowers as decors for their households. Also, the flowers are differently worn by the citizens during the times of the festivals. Thus, it is clearly understood that the flowers play a huge role in the life of all.

The flowers are usually showcased with potted plants in the garden festivals. And not just the potted plants, there are various other designs the plants can be exhibited. The plants which have colorful flowers are carefully designed to make the circumstances attractive. Also, the flowers can be separately used for decorating the plant forms. The leaf rows and the flowers can be used in disciplinary manners for depicting animals and birds.

In order to simplify, the florists can do a lot to create something beautiful with the flowers and the plants. There are various techniques used by the florists to make something that is striking to the eyes right from the first glimpse. Alongside the depictions of the creatures, the flowers are also used to decorate certain things such as the bags and the baskets. On the whole, the flowers provide a completely new world of beautification to cherish and make things more cherishing in the festivals.

Celebrating Delhi Garden Festival

Celebrating Delhi Garden Festival consists of both the common mass and the specialists in the field of gardening. The common people enjoy photography, videography and praising of the amazing arts. On the other side of the coin, the specialists communicate within themselves regarding the techniques and the new concepts of their creations. Also, their discussions on the garden equipments and the accessories are the things to be noted. Overall, the science of gardening is cultured in the Delhi Garden Festival.

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