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Elephant Festival

Elephant Festival, Elephant Festival 26 March, Elephant Festival Jaipur.

Elephant Festival

Elephant Festival is observed in the city of Jaipur, which is located in the Indian state named Rajasthan. The festival is observed in the day of the festival named Holi. Various amazing activities are being performed by the elephants to give the Elephant Festival a complete look. Various books and videos on the web can be found with the mention of the festival greatly. It has also become a part of tourist attraction these days.

About the Elephants in the Festivals

The elephants are regarded as holy animals by the Hindus. Therefore, these animals are often seen being the parts of the Indian festivals, especially the Hindu festivals. The elephants are also seen playing major roles in various sculptures and holy scripts of Hinduism. Not just for fulfilling the purpose of enjoyment, the people also take care of the elephants in various ways.

Elephant Festival Dates:

Elephant Festival Date 2017- 13 March

Elephant Festival Date 2018- 02 March

Elephant Festival Date 2019- 22 March

Elephant Festival Date 2020- 10 March

Elephant Festival Date 2021- 29 March

Elephant Festival Date 2022- 19 March

In the festivals, the elephants are highly designed and decorated by different kinds of décor products. The colorful wears are also been covered around the elephants. These elephants are even trained for performing different activities. These bring joy to the people who are engaged in the celebrations. While taking part in the Indian festivals, the elephants seem like moving canvasses full of colors. Their presence actually enhances the enjoyment of the people, no matter what Indian festival it is.

The elephants are also made to carry two or three people at the back. In a few of the festivals, the animals are made to carry grand thrones as well. These thrones are well decorated with different jewelry products and accommodate well enough with the view of the celebrations. While there are numerous locations in the country which attract the tourists, the elephants taking part in the festivals have also become major tourist attractions. The videos and the books on the festivals and the performance of the elephants have now become widely spread across the world, making things further interesting.

Celebrating Elephant Festival

The main features of the Elephant Festival in Jaipur concern elephant dance and elephant polo. The festival commences with the amazing procession of the folk dancers and the bedecked elephants. The camels and the horses also make parts of the festival. The saddle cloth or the jhools and the astonishing heavy jewelries are mostly seen on the elephants. The tug-of-war between an elephant and 19 people consisting of both the genders is another notable activity.


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