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Mithuna Sankranti

Mithuna Sankranti or Raja Parba is also called as Asharh in Eastern India, Mithunam onth in Kerala and Aani in other states of Sothern India. This is an auspicious day when the Planet Sun transits from Vrishabha (Taurus) Zodiac to Mithuna (Gemini) Zodiac. These transits of the Sun are considered to be vital, according to the astrological effect and one should perform puja on this special event. This day is celebrated wholeheartedly and with a lot of enthusiasm in Odisha.

Mithuna Sankranti marks the commencement of the third Solar month in the Hindu lunar calendar. All 12 Sankranti in the year are considered highly auspicious for Donation (Dan-Punya) activities.

Mithuna Sankranti 2016-Date & Timing

  • 14 June / Tuesday
  • Punya Kaal Muhurta:           12:27 PM - 19:09 PM
  • Maha Punya Kaal Muhurta:             16:55 PM - 19:09 PM


Raja Parba or Mithuna Sankranti generally falls in mid-June. It is a 4 days festival where devotees welcome the rains and rejoice with joy and happiness. First day is called Pahil Raja, 2nd day is called Raja Parba or Mithuna Sankranti (festival), the 3rd day is called Basi Rajaor Bhudaah and final 4th day is called Vasumatisnan. Communities of Balasore, Cuttack and Puri celebrate the festival for influx of rain with great joy.

On this day, Vishnu Deva (Lord Vishnu) and Bhudevi (Goddess Earth) are worshipped. It is the festival when unmarried girls dress themselves beautifully with great ornaments and married women take break from domestic work. On the 4th day, Vasumati snan, womenfolk bath the grinding stones of the house as a symbol of Bhudevi (Goddess Earth) and give bath with turmeric paste and later apply sindoor. Later they also offer the seasonal fruits to the Bhudevi Goddess.

Men and women walk barefoot on earth (bhumi) to welcome the rain with great enthusiasm and a lot of dancing and singing takes place. People sing the Raja Gita, a famous folk song of the state.

It is said that Mithuna Sankranti is favourable for donating clothes to the needy persons. 

Essence of Mithuna Sankranti:

People pray to their God for best harvest after the rain. The festival is meant to get relaxation time and some fun in one’s life by leaving behind tensions and worries of life. Hence, the event is the most awaiting and famous festival.

Hindu’s also believe that fasting on Raja Parba or Mithuna Sankranti to please the God Sun ensure a peaceful and happy life of the person. 

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