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Father’s Day

 Father’s Day

Father's Day –A Reason to Celebrate
Father’s day has been celebrated for many years all over the world. This day is celebrated as the International festival to show their father how much they care about them. Father is great inspiration to child. This day is completely dedicated towards fatherhood and for male parenting. This day is celebrated on various different dates all over the world. There are some countries which celebrates this day on third Sunday in  the month of June.  

History of Father’s Day
Not all must be aware about the Father’s day invention. Well, there are at least three people with that honour who makes a great contribution. But most of the people consider Sonora Dodd of Washington who was the first person to think on celebrating Father’s day in 1910. Sonora Dodd’s father was in a military and he fought until last breath. She realise how hard worker and true person was his father. Sonora Dodd suggested to her Pastor that there should also be a Father’s Day and suggested that the date should be June 5, her father's birthday.

Father’s day can be celebrated in many ways. How well you want to treat your father is all that matters. People love to take their father for a walk or plan surprise for them. Some arrange house party that includes all family members so that all can enjoy. The celebration is on huge platform. As soon as the day enters the month, many shops are on sale. The father’s day sale is all over the place. There are special gifts and greeting cards on Father’s day available. You can pick the one from the shops or can create something creative that your father will appreciate it. Depending on the father’s choice you should select the gift that he will always remembered all throughout their life. This day is special day for all. The celebrations are on huge scale.
Some of the educational institutions arrange Father’s day programs. They invite their student’s father for the programs conducted by the institution. There are games, competitions, workshops and entertainment dance, singing and other programs held on this day.  Some people like to visit orphanage to spend some quality time with the people who do not have father or any kids with them. Meeting these people is priceless. Forget about snazzy ties, shirts or champagne, take your father out or spend some quality time with them on this father’s day. He will surely love the way you express your feelings.


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