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Friendship Day

 Friendship Day

Friendship Day - A day dedicated to friends

As the name suggests, friendship day is a day dedicated to the beautiful and timeless bond of friendship between two or more individuals. The idea of celebrating this day was first adapted by the US congress in 1935, when it declared the first Sunday of August to be the National Friendship Day. Since then the celebration of the day has come a long way with millions of people located in numerous countries across the globe celebrating this day with great zeal and fervor, though not necessarily on the same day.

In 2013, Friendship Day will be celebrated across a major part of the globe on 4th August.

The History and Progress of Friendship Day

Although there is no confirmed record available about the origin of Friendship Day, it is believed that the concept of celebrating a day dedicated to friends and friendship was first publicized by Joyce Hall. Hall had established the well known Hallmark greeting cards in 1930 and encouraged people to send greeting cards to their friends to revive the sweet memories of the great times spent together.  Soon the idea of honoring the most beautiful relationship that humans share caught on and the rest as they say is history.

In the past few decades, the popularity of Friendship day has reached new heights, especially due to the widespread use of social networking sites and the growing trend of online friendships. Even though friends still like to celebrate this day by spending some time together and reliving their beautiful moments, in many cases the physical distances that separate them, makes it nearly impossible to realize this dream. In such cases, internet and other means of real time communication help them to reach out to one another and strengthen their bond of love and friendship in unique manner.

Celebration of Friendship Day in India

India is one of the several countries where Friendship day is celebrated with much enthusiasm especially by the younger generation.  On this day, youngsters plan various activities to please their friends such as buying gifts, planning group outings or throwing parties etc. The euphoria that the day brings is quite evident, especially among school and college students, who think up of innovative and special ways to greet their friends. Gifting friendships bands to new friends is also quite common and often students compete to get the maximum number of bands on this day as it is considered to be an indication of their popularity.


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