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Goa Carnival

 Goa Carnival

Goa is one of the most popular and highly visited places of India. The beaches of this state attract millions around the world year after year. The vibrant festivals and the unique culture are other additions to the beaches and reasons why Goa is very popular. One of the main celebrations or festivals of Goa which is eagerly awaited by one and all is the Goa Carnival which usually takes place in the month of February. It is a three day celebration where each and every individual is said to have the time of his life with the numerous amusements brought together. The only rule which everyone aides to is to abstain from meat.

Goa Carnival Festival Date:

Goa Carnival Festival Date 2017- 25 to 28 February

Goa Carnival Festival Date 2018-

Goa Carnival Festival Date 2019-

Goa Carnival Festival Date 2020-

About the Carnival in Goa

The Goa Carnival is celebrated right before Lent. During lent there is no celebration or festival of any kind. People stay away from rich food such as dairy products, meat, fats and others. This year the Goa Carnival is set to begin at Panjim which is the best places to get a perfect picture of all the activities. The parade takes about three hours to pass. The Panjim Carnival is the most popular one among the carnivals of Margoa, Vasco, Mapusa and others.

Despite the Carnival being a Christian festival, there is no distinction of any sort during these three days. The best part about this festival is that everybody enjoys dancing, singing and feasting without any inhibitions or differences of any kinds.


History behind the celebration of Goa Carnival

The Carnival dates back to almost five hundred years, where it was celebrated way back in Rome and Greece. When the Portuguese made their presence felt in Goa, they introduced the Goa Carnival. Ever since its introduction, this Carnival is religiously celebrated every single year in the month of February. It comes just before the Easter Sunday and is an occasion for everyone to unite and spread joy and happiness.

The perfect mixture of the Portuguese and the localities bring about the best carnival of all times. The colours and events witnessed during these three days are unimaginable. Plan your trip to Goa in February and be part of the Goa Carnival a perfect way to enjoy and get closely acquainted with the Goan culture and ideologies of enjoyment. This carnival never fails to amaze one and all.


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