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Gogamedi Fair

Gogamedi Fair

Gogamedi Fair

Gogamedi Fair is one of the most important festivals celebrated in some regions of Rajasthan and especially in Ganganagar and Jaipur. Dedicated to Goga Veer, who is also popular by the name of Jahar Peer among the Muslim community in the region, the fair is a great place to see Hindus and Muslims mingle with each other with a sense of joy and enjoyment.

The annual fair is usually organized sometime in the month of August-September.

Significance of Gogamedi Fair

The Gogamedi fair lasts for three days and all the families living in and around Ganganagar take part in the festivities. The fair provides a great opportunity for the local people to sell a wide range of items, including livestock, crops, handicrafts and other household goods.

In addition to being a major religious event, the Gogamedi fair is also famous for its cultural significance. The fair is celebrated as a mark of respect to Gogaji, who the locals believed to be the Snake God and protector of children. It is believed that the power of Gogaji is such that a person suffering from snake bite can be cured easily by simply reciting his name.

Since the local populace considered the timing of the fair to be auspicious, it is quite common for them to let their young children seek a perfect match for themselves. In addition people also try to appease Gogaji by offering him a wide range of food items which are made from sugar, honey and coconut. It is believed that seeking his blessings keeps the children safe.

Celebrations during the Gogamedi Fair

The Gogamedi fair is celebrated with great zeal and fervor by the people of the Jat community in Rajasthan. The fair is renowned for the various fun and frolic activities which form a part of the festival. The fair features several song and dance events which are mostly in accordance with the local folk traditions.

Major attractions of the fair are the Nath priests, who stand apart from the crowd because of the whips supported by them. These whips are quite similar to the ones that are seen in the hands of Gogaji. The overall ambience of the fair is that of fun and enthusiasm as people can be found enjoying themselves and dancing to the rhythm of the drum beats.

The fair is also a great place to buy local Rajasthani handicrafts, which are known for their brilliant colors and exclusive artwork.


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