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Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day –To Raise Awareness about Our Rights
Human Rights are an important day observed every year on 10th December. It gives an opportunity to celebrate human rights and educate themselves about their own rights in the country. Human Rights Day is celebrated in the honour of the date of passage of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights enacted by the United Nations in 1948. The protections granted by the declaration affect all aspects of our private and public life. Different nations different themes are follow  which are like struggle against poverty or non-discrimination as a reason and motivates people everywhere or some people fight for the corruption and rights to gain their identity in the society.

Importance of Human Rights Day
This day allows you to speak and make your voice loud enough to achieve the rights of the people. You also have the opportunity to take participate in making the right decision in political. These human rights are the rights to freedom opinions and expressions and to take participate in government. Everyone has right to speak and express their views about the society. And this day allows to in fact giving you the right about to speak what is right for you, your family and the society. It is very essential for us to live in the society with peace and thus it can be change due to attitudes, behaviour and practices. Celebrating human rights once in a years, gives you a chance to express your freedom of expression. In order to live human rights adhere it becomes important for every individual to understand how and where you can advocate your voices. In order to mark this day as the important day in the society, it becomes essential to understand what is right for you. And this can be achieved with the help of Human Rights education.

Celebrations during Human Rights day
Not all are very well aware about the Human Rights day. In order to educate the society, many NGOs, corporate firms as well as educational institutions organize campaigns and events. People actively take participate in organizing the events so that every citizen of the country is well educated with the Human Rights. There are many competitions, dances, singing and other entertainment shows are been organize. In many schools and colleges, there are various debates and elocution competitions’ are been held. This day makes a great impact on the people to understand their rights in the society.

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