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International Disability Day

Indira Gandhi Jayanti

International Disability Day, originally called “International Day of Disabled Persons” is held every year to focus on issues that affect disabled people worldwide. It is an international observance promoted by the UN since 1992. Since 1992, the International Disability Day aims to promote an understanding of disability problems and to mobilize support for the rights, equality, dignity, and happiness of persons with disabilities. It also seeks to increase awareness of gains to be derived from the integration disabled people in every aspect of social, economic, political and cultural life.  Every year the day focuses on a different issue.

International Disability Day Date: 3rd  December

People from different countries worldwide participate in several ways to promote the International Disability Day. Events organized annually may include an art exhibition promoting artwork by disabled people. Other events take the form of protests to highlight the problems people with disabilities have in playing a complete role in society. The International Disability Day is coordinated by United Nations Enable, which works to back up and promote the rights and dignity of persons with disabilities. The symbol of Enable is the blue UN symbol. The word "enable" is written in lower case letters. The letters are blue only "e" is red.


New era focus will be:

  • Mental health – exploring how an organization can do more to help disabled people with mental health impairments, deficiencies and psychosocial and intellectual disabilities.
  • Economic empowerment – strengthening work on livelihoods and jobs for people with disabilities. 
  • Stigma and discrimination– focusing on changing perceptions of people with disabilities and giving them a real voice in their communities.

Nowadays, disabled people are rightly on the global development plan and agenda.

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