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International Literacy Day


International Literacy Day- A day must for celebration

International Literacy Day is celebrated on September 8 each year. The event highlights the importance of education to indivuvals.

Significance of International Literacy Day

There is a large chunk of population across the world which is deprived of education. The issue is being addressed by various social organizations across the world .Every year; International Literacy Day marks the improvement done in the field of literacy and the amount of indivuvals benefitted. A specific theme forms a part of the International Literacy Day every year. Literacy is at the heart of education to all; hence International Literacy Day aims to touch bigger issues such as child mortality eradication, population growth control, sustainable environment, peace and democracy. Various renowned writers' forms a part of International Literacy Day which emphasizes on the need of education and promotion of awareness amongst indivuvals about the importance of education.UNESCO has organizations across the world in various countries through which a huge movement aimed at literacy is driven. Moreover, every year UNESCO receives huge support from indivuvals and organizations to work better towards the noble cause. The working of UNESCO is a systematic one as UNESCO integrated approach to policy development is aligned with UNESCO Literacy Initiative for Empowerment or LIFE which is an initiative started under UNLD or United Nations Literacy Decade. This initiative targets 35 countries which has the highest rate of illiteracy .As per the evaluation, UNLD has designed a framework with specific focus on promotion of quality contents, creating rich and relevant literacy environment, linking formal and non-formal approaches of imparting education to indivuvals, creating synergies between governmental and non-governmental systems and promotion of local community responsibility and management of programmers.

Celebrating International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day celebration revolves around ways to promote awareness amongst indivuvals .The notion of celebrating International Literacy Day points to the thought that literacy contributes to peace as it brings people closer to attain a better understanding of the world and provides an indivuvals with a sense freedom. International Literacy Day is being celebrated form than 40 years now and is supported by UNESCO.The message delivered to the world is that literacy is a human right and foundation of learning. The theme for International Literacy Day 2012 was Literacy and Peace .The theme was adopted by United Nation Literacy Decade or UNLD to emphasize on value proposition of literacy to the society.


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