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International Women's Day

Women's Day, International Women's Day Festival, International Women's Day Festival 8th March.

International Women's Day

Women are the most sensible creation of this Earth. They are the better half of this world and no one can deny the fact that they are the pillars of this society. And, without them, the world cannot survive properly. The international women’s day is a special day when everyone can celebrate the contribution of every woman. In previous days, the International Women’s Day is actually known as the International Working Women’s Day.

International Women's Day Date: 08 March 


History behind International Women's Day

The history of celebrating the Women’s Day is quite special and comes with a strong political background. This day is marked as a day of achievement of every woman in social, economical and political aspect. In late 19th and early 20th century, as a result of industrialization, women are bound to work both in the home and outside. And, they get less payment than the male worker. To make the situation worse, they did not have the power of voting. So, it is easily understood that socially and economically, they were powerless. And, when they were trying to make a change, the result of the movement and outburst were finally formed as International Women’s Day.

Now a day, Women’s have achieved appreciation and success in every field. They perform each and every role of their life perfectly and smoothly. Every day they are struggling as a working woman, a homemaker or a single woman. And, she to have fought against every injustice, what this society offers her in her every step. So, this is the day, when you can at least appreciate the spirit of her fight back against every worst situation. It is the day, when you can appreciate the women in your daily life and wish them luck. She can be your maid or your known grocery store keeper or unknown lady, but all of them deserve respect and good wishes. And, for the special woman of your life, she can be your mother, daughter, sister, wife or your girlfriend, plan something special for her. Wish her with a greeting card or with her favorite flowers or gift her something very special. It is your duty to show your love and respect to your special lady. She deserves the best. She is the person who makes your life heavenly beautiful. Love her, respect her, and care for her because she does these things silently 24x7, 365 days in a year.


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