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International Yoga Week

International Yoga Week, International Yoga Week festival, International Yoga Week Rishikesh.

A Quick Guide on International Yoga Week

Yoga literally means the union of body, soul and muscles. Yoga cannot be count in religion, but still Yoga is celebrated as great festival all over the world. This is where you should gain knowledge about the International Yoga week which is organized every year.  This event is usually organized in the month of March of first week at the bank of river Ganga in Rishikesh. What would be a better place to enjoy the exquisite beauty of the surrounding along with quick Yoga sessions conducted by International experts.

International Yoga Week Date:

International Yoga Week Date 2017- 01 to 07 March

International Yoga Week Date 2018- 01 to 07 March*

International Yoga Week Date 2019- 01 to 07 March*

International Yoga Week Date 2020- 01 to 07 March*

International Yoga Week Date 2021- 01 to 07 March*

International Yoga Week Date 2022- 01 to 07 March*

Note-*Slight variation in dates may be possible, in unlikely circumstances.

Get Your Assans

The International week of Yoga is organized by the Parmath Niketan association in co-operation with Uttaranchal tourism at Rishikesh. This place is worth to visit and a perfect location to perform all Yoga aasans. Rishikesh is popular for its impeccable environment and hence has earned a great title as “Yoga Capital of the World”. The main highlights of International Yoga week is that the association organized detailed sessions of yoga so that even an amateur can understand the significance of the session. One can get hold of prominent postures and knowledge that is required to perform all aasans perfectly.

During this event, not only yoga learners but also many Yoga experts attend this event by organizing various sessions of bhajans and meditation. The International week is truly amazing and one should attend this event in order to rejuvenate your mind and soul. The week brings you a way out from the maddening life. The sessions allow you to spend some quality time within yourself in order to know your actually abilities to perform. It helps you to explore self-inner peace. The different yoga sessions have different meaning and hence you can expect great benefits for your mind, soul and body.

Popularity of International Yoga Week

This event is not only popular in Rishikesh and nearby towns, but it has successfully earned a great respect from all over the world. Many tourist visit this International Yoga week to experience something unusual. The main highlight of this event is that the yoga experts do not miss any chance to visit this event in order to shower their preaching. This is a great opportunity for the people who want to explore Yoga aasans and are enthusiast to learn Reiki, Pranayam, Yoga Nidra, Hatha Yoga, Pranic Healing, Power Yoga, Meditation, Music Therapy and so forth. So do not miss this opportunity in order to explore the amazing experience of Yoga sessions at Rishikesh.


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