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Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

 Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

To enhance the area of Kala Ghoda and also to highlight the cultural institutions and the galleries from the Regal Circle in the south  of the Mahatma Gandhi Road till the Mumbai university in the north, from the Oval Maidan in the west to the Lion Gate in the east, the Kala Ghoda Assosication was formed in 1998. The Kala Ghoda function is a means by which people get closer to the culture and understand its beauty apart from ensuring financial support.

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival Date:

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival Date 2017- 04 to 11 February

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival Date 2018- 03 to 10 February

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival Date 2019- 02 to 09 February

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival Date 2020- 01 to 08 February

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival Date 2021- 06 to 13 February

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival Date 2022- 05 to 12 February

There are numerous targets or projects undertaken by this association one of which includes the annual arts festival. To encourage cultural and art events, this association has successfully been able to provide the right infrastructure and also street furniture. It has been able to restore some of the key buildings of high architectural and historical significance. The nine day Kala Ghoda festival takes place in the month of February from the first Saturday till the next Sunday.

Insight into the festival of Kala Ghoda

The Kala Ghoda festival is being celebrated for fifteen years now. This community celebration is well-received and appreciated not only by those in Mumbai but by those all around the country and world. It is open to everybody without any fee. This festival was earlier restricted to programs of music, theatre, dance, heritage walks, street performances, literature and other workshops for all age groups. However over the years, this festival has attracted lakhs of people hosting as many as three hundred and fifty events in a span of nine days.

All the funds received in these nine days are ploughed back for profits. They are invested to help keep the Kala Ghoda area tidy and eco-friendly. There are numerous venues which have already been zeroed down for this year’s event. Few of which include Horniman Circle Garden, David Sassoon Library, Kitab Khana, National Gallery of Modern Art, Gallery Beyond, Cross Maidan and others. Each of these venues is related to the events being held there.

The broad picture covers children, dance, cinema, food, heritage walks, literature, music, street, visual arts, workshops and theater. Few of the many sponsors for this festival include Air India, Times of India, HDFC, ORRA, DOSTI and others. Be sure to attend this unique festival if you are in Mumbai in February.

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