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Kalbadevi Yatra

Kalbadevi Temple is one of the oldest Temples in Mumbai. The name Kalbadevi is after a Hindu Devi Kalbadevi, who is the presiding deity of the Kalbadevi temple. Kalbadevi is the busiest neighbourhoods in Mumbai situated towards the Northern area of the Crawford market. The Kalbadevi temple was relocated twice. It is believed that the original Goddess Kalbadevi temple was located in Mahim, but the idol of the goddess Kalbadevi was secretly kept hidden for five hundred years. Once the idol of Devi Kalbadevi was found it was installed in the Zaveri Bazaar in South Mumbai.  


Goddess Kalbadevi is also named as Mumbadevi and is believed that Maa Kalbadevi was the goddess of the Mumbai and was celebrated by Kolis (fisher folk). The Annual Festival and Yatra attracts thousands of people towards the Kalbadevi Temple.


Other names:            Mumba Devi Mandir
Marathi           :           मुंबा देवी मंदिर


History of Kalbadevi Temple or Mumbadevi   

Goddess Kalbadevi is also named as Mumbadevi. "It is said that in times of yore, there was an island and there lived a very strong and mighty giant bearing the name of Mumbarak. Through austerities and penance, he pleased God Brahma Dev and prayed to him to be favoured with a blessing that he would be unable of meeting with death at anyone's hands. 'Having once secured the blessing, the monster set out to harass both human beings as well as Gods.  


All the Deities therefore prayed to Lord Vishnu to seek his protection and to abolish their enemy. “Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva extracted a portion of lustre and made of it a Devi or goddess for the destruction of the giant. The Devi then beat Mumbarak giant and threw him down on the ground. He entreated Devi to join his own name with hers and to preserve that name on earth for the ages to come. "The goddess therefore granted his request and named herself Goddess Mumbadevi.

"Kalbadevi Yatra and Festival is celebrated annually to the Kalbadevi temple. It is annually held on Amavasya day (New Moon Day) of the Margashirsh month of the traditional Hindu calendar followed in Maharashtra.


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