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Kanya Sankranthi Festival

 Kanya Sankranthi Festival

Kanya Sankranti marks the beginning of the sixth month of the Hindu calendar. Sankrantis are highly auspicious for Daan Punya (donations) activities. Kanya Sankranti or Sankraman is the day when Surya (Planet Sun) transits to Virgo Zodiac (Kanya Rashi) from Leo Zodiac (Simha Rashi). Kanya Rashi is the 6th among 12 Zodiacs.

Kanya Sankramana festival falls on the day of Vishwakarma Puja and is also celebrated as Vishwakarma Jayanti in various places of India. The day also marks the birth of Lord Vishwakarma who is considered as the creator of God. He offers his believers the capability to work to the fullest scale.

Kanya Sankranthi Puja is mainly celebrated in all kinds of factories, industries, school, plants, and colleges. Devotees ensure that Vishwakarma puja is held in their shop for better progress in the upcoming year. Machines and Tools are also worshiped on this day. Devotees pray for smooth working of their tools and instruments and no work is done on this day.

Kanya Sankranti Date and Timing (Muhurat):

16 September 2016/ Friday

Kanya Sankranthi Muhurat:

Punya Kaal Muhurta = 12:29 to 17:34

Mahapunya Kaal Muhurta = 12:29 to 12:53

Taking a bath in the early morning of Kanya Sankranti and reciting Lord Vishnu’s mantras can bring good luck and prosperity in the life of the worshippers. One must however refrain from taking important decisions and new undertakings on this day as the Sun’s rays are considered inauspicious.

According to Hindu religion, donating food and other items to Brahmin priests and Shradh Puja to pay homage to the ancestors is also considered auspicious on Kanya Sankranti. In South India Kanya Sankranti is famous as Kanya Sankramanam. 

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