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Kerala Village Fair

Kerala Village Fair, kerala village  fair festival, Kerala Village Fair in Kovalam.

Kerala Village Fair –Popular Festival in Kovalam

Kerala  Village fair falls in the mid January around Kovalam every year. It is one of the colorful cultural event celebrated with great enthusiasm. It is ten long day celebration of tradition and culture of Kerala. Local people of Kerala call this festival as Garamam fair as well. The main objective of this fair is to replicate and re-create an entire gramam or village in the cultural and traditional colors of Kerala.


The Kerala Village Festival is celebrated in the Kovalam region of Kerala. This place has attracted millions of tourists from all over the world. Apart from the exotic beaches, Kovalam is also popular for its vibrant and elegant cultural activities. Tourists are attracted to this place for ethnic wears, snacks, handicrafts and all types of traditional foods available in the local market.

Features of Kerala Gramam Festival

This fair is set up near the Kovalam beach and Ernakulam’s Marine beach. This fair commemorates the typical traditional view of Kerala villages created with thatched houses called as “Naluketta”. This house is traditional upper-class homesteads with a central open courtyard, massive pillars, long and airy corridors and dormer windows. This house is also decorated with antiques that includes ancient paintings, ethnic jewelry, swords and shields. You can also expect real sandalwood items displayed inside the thatched houses. Tourists are offered some of the most traditional foods and drinks such as Puttu, Meen and Kappa. The most exquisite features of this fair are the enclave or Kamalagramam of the artisans. Here, you can find beautiful works of jewelry and handicrafts of Kerala.

Tourists just love priceless furniture in Sandalwood, Teak and Mahagony. One can even find elegant and traditional spices bowls at the fair. You will remind of a bygone era by seeing excellent collections of musical instrument, majestic wooden beds, palymra fans and household utensils.

The floral decoration also called as “Pookalam” in the courtyard looks enchanting on the Naluketta. At the 'Chayakada', the village tea shop, relish the taste of the tender coconut, the refreshing tea (Chaya) or the tangy lime juice.

The evenings of the Kerala Village fair is must watch. At the fair, you can enjoy elegant classical dances Mohiniyattom, Kathakali and traditional folks dances such as Oppana, folk arts such as bhajans, Thullal, Panchavadyam, Kakkarisi Natakam, Pavakkoothu, Vilupattu, and Theyyam. So plan for this fair right away to experience the beauty of Kerala Village fair celebrated every year at Kovalam in the month of mid January.


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