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Khatu Shyamji Festival

Khatu Shyamji, Khatu Shyamji Festival, Khatu Shyamji Festival Hindus Festival.

Khatu Shyamji Festival

Rajasthan is such a place, which is widely known for its rich tradition and culture. Here you can see the diversity of ethnicity, religion and culture. This state of India is known worldwide for its art form, dance and music. This state is mesmerizing and fascinating for everyone. This place is also known for different kinds of mela. Throughout the year, you can see different kind of fairs which add colors and fun in your life. Khatu Shyamji Festival is such a gathering, which organized annually in Rajasthan. This fair is held in the Shaymji temple. This temple is situated in such place, which is 48 kilometres far from the Sikar. It is one of the annual events in Rajasthan and it is celebrated from 8th day to 12th day of the waxing phase of the Hindu month Falgun. 


Khatu Shyamji Festival Date:

Khatu Shyamji Festival Date 2017- 06 March to 09 March

Khatu Shyamji Festival Date 2018- 24 February to 27 February

Khatu Shyamji Festival Date 2019- 15 March to 18 March

Khatu Shyamji Festival Date 2020- 04 March to 07 March

Khatu Shyamji Festival Date 2021- 23 March to 26 March

Khatu Shyamji Festival Date 2022- 12 March to 15 March

The story of origin Khatu Shyamji Festival

According to the myth, the story behind this festival is related to Mahabharata. The story was, Bhima’s grandson Barbarik was extremely powerful and he wanted to fight with the pandavas. But if he had a fight with the Pandavas, the battle would have been easily won by the Pandavas. It could be mentioned as injustice. Then Lord Krishna appeared in front of him as a Brahmin and asked for a favor. He asked for to sacrifice himself. And, Barbarik immediately did so. In the return of this, Lord Krishna placed his head on top of a hill. So that he could easily see the great battle of Mahabharata, which was, happen on the plain. Not only that, Lord Krishna decreed to Barbarik that the devotees would worship him as Shyam in Kaliyug.

Thousands of people visit this temple throughout the year. But, during the festival the numbers of devotees increases almost in double. This fair is held for 3days. And, during this fair, the Jadua ceremony is highlighted specially. In this ceremony, the first time clean shaven head of a child is done. This fair is full of vibrant colors and the local talent can showcase their unique talents towards the visitors. You can find unique and beautiful handicrafts in this fair. Different kinds of authentic Rajasthani food and sweets are available at this fair. It is a great occasion to enjoy the flavor and color of Rajasthan. It is a holy event to meet the local people and enjoy the true spirit of Rajasthan.


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