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Kolayat Fair

Kolayat Fair

The Kolayat Festival and Fair has great importance in the life of the Hindu people of Bikaner, Rajasthan. This special festival celebration is also called as ‘Kapil Muni Fair’ which derived from the famous ancient sage Kapil Muni who according to mythologies meditated here. The Kolayat festival celebrated annually in Kartik Purnima in the honour of ancient sage Kapila Muni. The historical significance of this fair also appeals a large number of tourists.  

Kolayat Festival Date:

Kolayat Festival Date 2017- 02 November to 04 November

Kolayat Festival Date 2018- 21 November to 23 November

Kolayat Festival Date 2019- 10 November to 12 November

Kolayat Festival Date 2020- 28 November to 30 November

Kolayat Festival Date 2021- 17 November to 19 November

Kolayat Festival Date 2022- 06 November to 08 November

During this auspicious festival a pilgrimage to the Kolayat is organized, where lake with 52 Ghats are beautifully lighted up. The special cattle fair is also organized during the festival. The Kolayat Fair is the most auspicious festival of Rajasthan. It is held in Kolayat, Bikaner and manages to draw a huge number of visitors from different portion of the world. Kolayat Festival also has a great religious significance.

History says, Kolayat city of Bikaner is also regarded as Kapilayatan. Furthermore, these names are also found in the ancient holy scriptures of Hindu Puranas. A large number of devotees visit the Kolayat Fair to take a dip in the holy Kolayat lake of Bikaner. According to the beliefs, it is believed that this holy dip can remove all the sins they have committed in their past lives.

A large number of tourists are attracted to eyewitness this festival for its charming display of colorful Rajasthani tradition and culture. The Kolayat Fair boasts an enthralling view when all the devotees gather at a common place and leave oil lamps to float in the holy lake. Kolayat Fair is the great site for the tourists to see 1000 of lighted lamps or diyas floating in the calm waters of the Kolayat lake.

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