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Kumar Sasthi

Kumar Sasthi is a famous festival and it is dedicated to Lord Kartik/ Karthikeyan. Kumara Sasthi is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Kumara Swamy or as Lord Kartikeyan. Lord Kartika is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This auspicious day is believed to be the day when Lord Kartika/ Kumara is said to have appeared on earth to defeat Adharma (the demon).

Kumar Shasti is also an important festival in Nepal and western parts of India. Kumar Sashti is observed on the 6th day in the bright fortnight (Shukla Paksha) of Ashada maas (month) in the Hindu calendar. Lord Kartika/ Kumara is worshipped with strict fast, complete devotion and affection.

Kumar Sashti 2016 Date and Timing (Tithi):

  • Date : July 10, 2016
  • Tithi Begins: 09-Jul-2016 13:36 PM
  • Tithi Ends:     10-Jul-2016 15:08 PM

Lord Kartik/ Karthikeyan is also known as Skandan or Kandan, Murugan, Kumaran, Kumara Swami Guhan, Senthilnathan, Velan, Swaminathan, Saravanan and Dhandhayudapani. Lord Murugan is a main God among the Hindus of Telangana, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. According to the Hindu mythology facts he is the Chief General of the Army of the Devas (Gods) and also referred as the destroyer of demons.

Significance of Kumar Sashti:

The significance of Kumar Sashti is explained in Vedic Puranas like ‘Skanda Purana’. Kumar Sashti is famous as the birth anniversary of Lord Kartik and is also named as ‘Kumar Jayanti’. Hindu devotees celebrate this auspicious day to seek his blessings and to destroy all the evils and troubles of their lives. By observing the Kumar Sashti vrat (fast), devotees can put an end to all their misfortunes and sorrows and also fulfil their wishes. As war god, Lord Kartika also teaches his believer to fight off wrong people who could lead us to the wrong path of moha (passion), krodh (anger) and lobha (greed).

Rituals during Kumar Sashti:

Devotees worship Lord Kartik and observe strict vrat (fast) on this day with full devotion. Special offerings are made in the form of kumkum, incense sticks (agarbatti), sandalwood paste, sweets, flowers and fruits. Chanting ‘Subramaniya Bhujangam’ or ‘Subrahmanya Purana’‘and Skanda Shashti Kavacham’ is believed to be very auspicious on this festival. Special Pujas and ‘Aarti’ are also performed on this auspicious day.

In some regions, devotees draw a circle in the front of house, using cow dung and red clay. Devotees also observe a fast on this day and avoid eating or drinking anything until they visit Lord Kartika temple in the evening. This vrat (fast) is broken only after special offering and prayers to the Lord Kartika. Devotees pray to Lord Kumara/ Kartika to free them from all sins, miseries and vices. 

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