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Lucknow Festival

Lucknow FestivalLucknow Festival or Mahotsava is organized to showcase Culture and Art of Lucknow, with an objective to promote Tourism in Lucknow. Lucknow Festival is organized every year to provide an insight to cultured, old traditions of the city. Kathak dances, colourful processions, traditional dramas, Sarangi, Sitar, Ghazals, Thumri, Qawalis create a festive atmosphere in Lucknow. Lucknow Mahotsava is generally celebrated during the month of November to December.

Exciting events like kite flying competition, ekka-tonha (horsecart) races, cock fighting, Boat Race, Youth festival, Vintage Car Rally, Drama Competition as well as other traditional village games recreate an atmosphere of past Nawabi days. This festive season go on for a period of about ten days and the whole city is decorated with magnificence and Royal look, making the city with flourish and joyous atmosphere.

The rich culture of Lucknow is showcased in the best way by the portrayal of the arts, crafts, historic chicken work and other items of Historical value. People can also enjoy the cuisine that is famous in Lucknow in these Festival days.

Objectives of Lucknow Festival

Lucknow Mahotsav/ Festival is organized every year to showcase Art and Culture of Uttar Pradesh, especially the Lucknowavi ‘Tehzeeb’ (culture and etiquette) so as to promote U.P. Tourism. The key objectives of the cultural bonanza is to provide inspiration to the Artisans. Craftsmen from countrywide bring their masterworks to the Lucknow Mohotsava to the delight of shoppers.

The aim of this festival is to showcase the exceptionality and the beauty of Lucknow Culture. Participation is invited from different age groups in these events. This year’s Mahotsav may also have wrestling and cycling competition to debut in the annual event. ‘

Mahotsav is a pleasure for the connoisseurs of good food/ dishes as it is the perfect spot to pamper the taste buds of the tourists, participants or visitors with endless varieties of delicious dishes as complete range of cuisines are available at the Mohotsav/ festival, including mouth-watering non-vegetarian exotic dishes, Kesaria Doodh, Kabab-parathas and other.

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