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Maheshwari Jayanti

 Maheshwari Jayanti

Maheshwari Jayanti
India is known all over the world for its diverse culture. There are different types of communities and religions here and these religions have their own festivals and customs. One such community is the Maheshwari community, which is a sub group of the Marwari’s and the Mewari communities. This community is quite small in population but the people who belong to this community are found throughout the country and Maheshwari Jayanti is the festival that is celebrated by the Maheshwari Community especially in the North India. This festival is celebrated on Navami in the Shukla Paksh in the month of June or the Jyestha month. This year the Mahesh Navmi will fall on 17th June.

History of the Maheshwari Jayanti
This festival is celebrated by the devotees of Lord Shiva. God Shiva is known by various other names and one of his names in Mahesh, and the Maheshwari community got its name from Lord Mahesh. This was due to their extreme devotion towards the Lord Mahesha. It is said that Lord Shiva appeared on this day for the first time. The Maheshwrai community was formed in Rajasthan on the eve of Mahesh Navmi. According to the beliefs of the Maheshwari’s, this day is associated with a great history that is related with Lord Shiva.  According to this history a king named Raja Khandelsen did not had a child.  The reason for this was explained as his past life’s cruel activities by Maharishi Yagyavalk, who was a spiritual advisor. As asked by Maharishi Yagyavalk, he worshipped Lord Shiva with complete devotion and even built a temple in his name. The Lord became happy and he blessed the king with a son who was later named as Sujansen. 

Celebration of Maheshwari Jayanti festival
There is a mood of joy and festivity all around the country; however this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and jest in mainly in north India in states like Rajasthan. The temples of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are decorated everywhere and people worship the Lord on this day. The newly wedded couples are specifically asked to worship Mother Parvati and Lord Shiva, so that the Lord can shower happiness and prosperity in their lives. Those women who wish for a child especially pray to the Lord on this day as it is believed that Lord Shiva blesses the people with a child on this day. Many people perform prayers and yagnas at their residence.

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