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Manarcad Perunnal

Manarcad Perunnal

Manarcad Perunnal

The festival of Manarcad Perunnal is an annual event organized at Manarcad’s St. Mary’s Church, in the state of Kerala. Celebrated in the form of an annual feast, the festival lasts for eight days and is also known by the name of Ettunombu Perunnal, which in the local language means “eight days prayer and fasting”. The festival is generally organized from 1st to 8th September and is celebrated by the people belonging to the Christian community.

Significance of Manarcad Perunnal
Manarcad Perunnal is one of the most important festivals of the Christian community and is dedicated to Mother Mary. The church, which is also famous by the name of also known as Manarcad Marthamariam Cathedral, is the biggest church of the Kottayam diocese. The festival represents the feast of Immaculate Conception and is spread across eight days each of which is eventful apart from being filled with devotion and splendor. For the entire duration of the festival, the St. Mary’s Church in Manarcad is full of devotees offering prayers to Mother Mary, from morning till night. The devotees generally stay at the church and observe a fast for all the eight days.

It is also a custom to give the offerings to the Church in the form of Muthukkuda, which are beautifully, decorated orange parasols made from the silk fabric. During the eight auspicious days of the festival, the holy tank and the Golden cross of the church are taken special care of, since they are considered to be holy by the devotees. Many devotees visit the church just to have a glimpse of these holy things.

Activities Carried Out During the Festival

The festival draws huge crowds of devotees from all parts of India and the world. While the entire eight days are marked by devotion and offering of prayers, the final three days are extremely special as they signify the celebration of the festival at its peak. During these three days, long processions are taken out in the streets of Manarcad, in which thousands of people take part.

At the forefront of these processions is carried the sacred golden cross, in addition to which there are hundreds of colorful umbrellas which are supported by the devotees forming a part of the processions. The whole town has an ambience of devotion and celebration, which is further enhanced by the countless people visiting the Church on the last three days to take part in the festivities.


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