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Manav Ekta Divas

Ekta Divas

Manav Ekta Divas

Manav Ekta Divas is the other literary name for Human Unity Day. The special day is observed by the whole Nirankari community of the world. It is the day when Baba Gurubachan Singh Ji sacrificed himself for the sake of humanity. His works for enhancing the spread of the sense of humanity is known to the people all over the world.

Manav Ekta Divas Date- 24 April

About Baba Gurubachan Singh Ji

Baba Gurubachan Singh Ji was a saint. In fact, he was a highly regarded saint, who always tried to enforce humanity to the world. His works include the preaching about human brotherhood through the method of the spiritual awakening of the masses. Since the day of his assassination, the Day for Human Unity or the Manav Ekta Divas is observed by the whole of the world, while expressing tribute to his sacrifice.

Babaji’s most famous line is to be “Blood should flow in veins, not in drains”. Other of his holy words which talk about the essence of brotherhood and humanity are also well appreciated by the people of the world. The Saint inspired the members of the Nirankari Mission to become efficient, helpful and resourceful for humanity. He was regarded as the leader of the Universal Brotherhood Mission or the Sant Nirankary Mission. Being declared as the Satguru by his father Baba Avtar Singh, the Saint went on to become his rightful successor.

The Saint could not continue with the higher studies for the violence created during 1947, regarding the partition of India. He initially started a business of auto parts, primarily in Jalandhar, later in Delhi, after his family moved from Pakistan to India. But soon, he commenced in becoming the truly justified successor of his father. His declaration of Satguru took place in 1962, 3rd December, in the place called Pahalganj of Delhi.

Celebrating Manav Ekta Divas

Not just the remembrance of his teachings, Manav Ekta Divas is also followed by the world by being engaged in various activities, which are aimed to serve the humanity. For the celebration, the Sant Nirankary Mission arranges for blood donation campaigns in various parts of the world. Various such programs are organized in different countries of the world, proving that the Saint was able to influence not just the Indian Subcontinent, but also the world. The countries like the USA, the UK and Australia celebrate sincerely while arranging for the programs.


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