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Manektari Punam

The Manektari Punam Fair, also famous as Mahanektari Poonam, is the popular fair celebrated in Gujarat. Every year, Manektari Punam Fair is celebrated on the 15th day in Ashwin Month, the seventh month of the Hindu calendar. This Mahanektari Mela is organized every year in Kheda district of Gujarat (at Dakor). Gujrati People are celebrating this auspicious fair to show their happiness towards the change in season, after monsoon in the month of October.

Manektari Punam Fair

2016- October, 16

2017- October, 05

2018- October, 24

A famous belief is that, on this particular Punam night, when a small droplet of rain from the clouds falls under 'Swati' constellation into the mouth of an oyster in earth, the drops converts into pearl. The full-moon day (Punam ki raat) hence is famous as Manektari Purnima to mean the transformation of a drop into a shiny pearl under the precise astrological conditions.

Mahanektari Festival and Fair is celebrated with a high spirit and enthusiasm by the local people. Devotees from different parts of the country participate in this important fair. During this fair believers gather together to worship the full moon on Manektari Punam. Some rituals are also being performed by the Priests (Pandits) in the temple to please Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Besides this, dramas, traditional folk dances and music are being performed in Kheda district by the people in Manektari Punam Festivals in India. A wonderful display of fireworks also forms a vital part of Manektari Punam Indian Mela. People celebrate with special Gujarati dishes and the family members get together for dinner after performing rituals in temples or performing Puja at their home.

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