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Mango Festival

Mango Festival

Mango Festival – A Time To Cherish The Sweet Flavors Of Different Varieties Of The Fruit
When it comes to fruits, mango is undoubtedly one of the most favorite fruit, which is why it is also known by the name of “king of fruits”. In India, the fruit is loved not only for its great flavor, but also for its deep rooted association with the culture and civilization of the nation. To celebrate this love of people and especially Indians, for mangos, a two- day festival is organized every year in Indian capital city of Delhi. The festival which was first initiated in 1987, has grown into an international event in the past 26 years and attracts mango lovers from different parts of the globe to view and taste this delicious fruit.

The festival is organized collectively by the various departments of Delhi’s local administration and generally held during the early summer season.  The festival showcases more than 500 different varieties of mango including the globally famous alphonso, amrapali, malda, and chorasya to name a few. In addition, to the different varieties of mangoes, visitors also get to learn about the various recipes and delicacies that can be created from this extremely goluptious fruit. The festival also provides a platform for the various industries which process mangoes for creating different products such as jams, pickles, juices and canned fruit.

There are also various activities to entertain the visitors coming to attend the festival, which include cultural programs and recreational activities. Visitors can take part in various quizzes and competitions that form a part of the festival to enhance their knowledge about the wide varieties of this fruit as well as the countless possibilities of using them in different cuisines. The most popular of these are the mango eating competitions, mango carvings, magic shows and mango quizzes. There is also a competition for the biggest mango and the best mangoes in various categories.

In the past few years, the mango festival has spread across the length and breadth of India with various states and cities organizing similar yet independent events. The festival has also attained international fame, with various countries organizing the Inidan Mango festival in their own lands.  Moreover, other similar festivals organized across the globe have also gained fame and recognition. Prominent among these are the ones organized in Miami, Florida by the Fairchild Tropical Gardens, the other in Cebu, Philippines and yet another in Negril In Jamaica.

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