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Metemneo Festival

Metemneo Festival

Metemneo Festival- A Naga Festival

The Metemneo festival is an agricultural festival celebrated by the people of the Yimchungers tribe in Nagaland. The festival, which lasts for five days, is celebrated after harvesting the millet crop in the region and is a time of great fun and enjoyment. This is one of the most important festivals observed by the Yimchungers tribe and it is quite common for the tribal folk to become deeply immersed in the festive spirits and merriment which form a part of the celebrations.

In 2014, the Metemneo festival will be celebrated in the month of August.

Significance of Metemneo Festival

In addition to being a harvest festival, the Metemneo festival is also believed to be an auspicious occasion for the souls of the departed tribe members. The tribal people also worship various agricultural implements during the festival and seek blessings for a good crop. At the same time they also thank the Almighty as well as their ancestral gods for the good crop they have already harvested.

The festival is also believed to be the right occasion to forget all bitterness and start new friendships with joy and happiness. The tribal people are encouraged to forget their differences and come together to take part in the festivities. Various traditional rituals are required to be performed during which every member of the family thanks the deities for their kindness and blessings.

One of the most important and interesting aspect of Metemneo festival are the numerous marriages and engagements that take place during this time. The five days of the festival are considered extremely auspicious and hence it is quite common for tribal to fix the marriages and in many cases even organize the marriage ceremony during this period.

Celebration of Metemneo Festival

The people of the Yimchungers tribe are especially energetic and enthusiastic during the celebration of Metemneo festival. The elders of the tribe take the initiative of encouraging people to take part in the festivities with great zeal and fervor. For this tribal community, this festival is a time to forgive one another and reconcile and share each other’s joys and make merry

In addition to the naturally festive environment, the numerous weddings, engagements and child births taking place also add to the joy of the celebrations. The cheerful ambience helps in ensuring that people are generally in a jubilant mood and not only want to have a great time themselves, but also want to make others feel loved and happy.


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