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Modhera Dance Festival

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Modhera Dance Festival: Reviving the Classical Dance styles
Modhera Dance Festival is a dance festival celebrated in Gujarat state every year. The festival follows the tradition of classical dance styles and is organized every year by the Tourism Department of Gujarat. The event lasts three days and is always organized in the January month. The Sun Temple located in the Modhera is one of the most popular temples and it is dedicated to Surya, the Sun God. The walls of the temple are full of many inscriptions and drawings that tell the story of Sun God and the events that led to the popularity of his bravery.

Traditional Folk Dance of Gujarat in the festival:
The Modhera Dance festival is highly famous for its uniqueness and its inclination towards the traditional dance styles. The festival basically showcases many traditional classical dance styles of different Indian states. A common festival for the diversity of different regional dance styles is a great experience for the audience. The illuminated divinity of the Sun Temple makes it a perfect scenario for the people to enjoy their love for traditional dance at the Modhera Dance Festival.

History of this festival:
In the ancient Indian culture, dance styles are considered as a method of representing your devotion towards the almighty. Dance styles are also considered similar to yoga which is helpful in keeping you healthy. There are several evidences that suggest that the ancient Indian temples have very close connection with the various classical dance styles and it is visible in the architecture of the temples as well. Various dance forms convey a message and showcases the devotion towards God. The tourism department of Gujarat is making great efforts in keeping the cultural inheritance alive and preserving the heritage. The Modhera Dance Festival is a way of reviving and revisiting the classical dance styles in order to make the new generations aware of ancient Indian cultural values.

At a glance:
The three day long Modhera Dance Festival is organized as an effort to depict the rich cultural values and the classical dance styles of Gujarat. Over the years, the festival has grown bigger and better and now it is seen as one big event attended by many arts enthusiastic from around the globe. The theme of the festival completely revolves around the classical dance styles and the fold dance styles. The beauty of the festival comes alive with the perfect setting and lighting that suits the theme and the vibrant dance performances from artists in various classical and folk dance styles.


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