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Mother’s Day

 Mother’s Day

The Mother’s Day- A day dedicated for all mothers of the world
Mother’s Day is celebrated across various countries of the world and children gift cards, flowers and other presents to their mothers on this day. It has been declared as a national holiday in many of the countries all across the world. This day is celebrated everywhere and children are taught to give their mothers a token of love by the teachers in schools. There are many organisations that organise a function or a small ceremony to give recognition and to give respect to the mothers. The gift shops and the flower shops attract a huge number of customers before the occurrence of the Mother’s Day. This day is being celebrated all across the world on 10th May since the year 1908. 

Historic importance of Mother's Day
This day has a great history associated with it and this day is dedicated to a woman named Annie Jarvis. Annie, was born in Virginia, USA in the year 1832 and she was married at the age of 20. It is believed that most of her children were not able to live long because of poor sanitation, bad ventilation and uncovered garbage. She was really very depresses from this incident and he put her sorrows aside and became a social activist. She gathered the local women together on some of the designated days and improved the surroundings. She also organised some of the women to nurse the wounded soldiers during the civil war. She worked for the welfare of the people and she had a great impact on the lives of many of the women. Her daughter Anna struggled a lot throughout her entire life for demanding a national holiday in order to recognise her mother and all other mother's too of the nation. By the year 1914, she managed to recognise this day as the Mother's day as the US president Woodrow Wilson signed the agreement. Since then, this tradition became famous all across the world and it became a custom to gift cards and flowers to the mothers on this day. Germany imported this idea from America in the year 1923 in order to promote the feeling of motherhood across various groups of the country. In the year 1938 the Nazi government started issuing award on this day that was dependent on the number of children a mother had. It was done in order to motivate the mothers to produce more number of children.


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