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Mumbai Kabir Festival

Mumbai Kabir Festival, Kabir Festival,

Mumbai Kabir Festival –Devote Some Time to Eternity

When you juggle between mind and heart, it seems Mumbai Kabir festival brush will brush up your soul. This festival has completed just two years and seems to have captured millions of hearts from all over the world. The Mumbai Kabir festival is conducted in the month of Januray in February for at least five days in a year. A confluence of live folk music, storytelling sessions as well as films; the main focus of the festival is to foster an awareness and understanding of the message of Kabir to the audiences of Mumbai.

Highlights of Kabir Festival

When one really experiences the ‘knowing’, it seems Kabir just brushed past your soul as it was standing in the body – a stall in the marketplace of the world.

The above lines were taken from  “Koi Sunta Hai” by Shabnam Virmani that traces Kabir in the life of the poet. Kumar Gandharv. It was the incredible experience that many of people enjoyed.

Folk Music

This festival is celebrated to keep the alive poetry of Kabir and other saints. The main objective of this festival is to introduce the importance of folk music of Prahlad Tipanya, Mooralala Marwada, Mukhtiyar Ali, Bhanwari Devi,  and Shabnam Virmani and Namrata Kartik.

Story Telling

“Akatha Kahani” is  presented in which three sisters share Kabir’s poems and songs. Ameetha Singh, a story teller, will tell stories to children with different NGOs to give younger children a memorable introduction to Kabir.


Several documentary films are screened to the audiences. You will enjoy the experience and pleasure of watching some of the excellent pieces of screening during the Mumbai Kabir Festival.

Features of Kabir Festival

The five days of the  Kabir festival are celebrated with great enthusiasm at different venues mainly in Carter Road Amphitheatre, Borivali Amphitheatre, IIT Powai, Prithvi Cafe amongst others; all completely free and open to the public on first-come-first-served basis. If you love to listen poets, folk music and excellent screening of the documentary, then you should certainly not miss this festival. A true follower of Kabir has grown this community. At this festival you can even expect interactive musical workshops, music knowledge so as to keep alive the tradition and cultural music of the country. If you are interested in joining this community, can sign up them by dropping mails on their official website. The satsangs, baithaks and musical workshops has created space in the heart of millions followers of “Kabir”.


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