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Narsi Mehta Jayanti

Narsi Mehta Jayanti is a well-known festival of Gujarat and it is celebrated in remembrance of Narsinh Mehta (Narsi Bhagat), the great Gujrati saint-poet (1414-1481). Sri Narsi Mehta is a proponent of Vaishnava poetry and is famous as the ‘Adi Kavi’ in Gujarati poetry (the first ever poet). Narsinh Mehta (1414–1481), was notable as a Bhakta, an exponent of Vaishnava poetry.

He wrote so much beautiful poetry in Gujarati language and spent his complete life in search of religious thoughts and philosophies of Deity Krishna. On this day in all over India at several places even Governmental Organizations also celebrate his birthday by organizing various religious programs.

Narsi Mehta Jayanti Date:

2 December 2016/ Friday

With his extreme love for Lord Krishna, he had the blessing to get his vision on various occasions. Like other saints, being devoted in nature, he used to dance and sing in happiness, immensely engaged in devotion to the Lord. He created one of the charming devotional songs of God Krishna. He wrote a lovely song “Vaishnav Jan to Tene Re Kahiy”. This is the holy song which became famous devotional song for our nation father Mahatma Gandhi.

Narsiimh Mehta (Narsi Bhagwat) has written 22,000 poetic compositions or kirtans. The poetry of Narsinh Mehta on ‘Rasaleela’ of Radha and Krishna is categorized as "Shringar" composition. Few of his compositions are famous by the following names: 'Aakhyan', 'Pada', and 'Prabhatiya'. It is broadly accepted that many divine truths are explained in his poems. Devotees and followers of Saint Narsi Mehta also sing his poems filled with joy and bliss. His popular poems and songs are a valuable gift to all music lovers. 

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