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Natyanjali Festival

 Natyanjali Festival

Natyanjali is one of the famous festival or occasion for the Indians; especially it is very much special for those people who are involved in classical dance. The Natyanjali is a celebration or an annual festival where different kind of Indian classical dance forms are performed.  This dance festival is celebrated on the time of Maha Shiv Ratri. Originally, this festival was introduced at the temple of Chidambaram.  After that it is celebrated in different place like Chennai, Thanjavur, Mayavaram, Thirunallar etc. from past many years, Sri Subramania Samaj from Chembur of Mumbai, also celebrate this festival in their temple complex on every Shiv Ratri.

Natyanjali Festival Dates:

Natyanjali Festival Dates 2017- Period of Five days starting on 24 February

Natyanjali Festival Dates 2018- Period of Five days starting on 13 February

Natyanjali Festival Dates 2019- Period of Five days starting on 4 March

Natyanjali Festival Dates 2020- Period of Five days starting on 21 February

Natyanjali Festival Dates 2021- Period of Five days starting on 11 March

Natyanjali Festival Dates 2022- Period of Five days starting on 28 February


The reason for celebrating Natyanjali Festival

This dance festival is usually continued for more than one week or more than 10 days. And, dancers from different types of dance form are performing at their best in front of Nataraj. At the night of Maha Shiv ratri, the Senior Gurus and their selective disciples are performing their art on the feet of Lord Shiva. In the year of 2013, this Natyanjali festival is celebrated on 10th March, which is Sunday. In previous years, the top dancers of India are performing their dance in the temple of Shiva. But, in today’s time, as this festival is organized in many other places, so, the number of performers is increasing day by day.

During this festival, the temple of Chidambaram is worth to visit. It decorated such a beautiful way that anyone can move with this. People, who love to see the dance and enjoying different Indian classical dance form, can visit here during this time. Most of the performer thought that it is blessing for them to perform in that stage in front of the Lord Shiva. If it is a first stage performance of any dancer, it is count as his or her good luck for the lifetime.

In Chidambaram, the Government of Tamil Nadu, The Department of Tourism, Government of India, The Ministry of Tourism and The Natyanjali Trust of Chidambaram organize this festival jointly. This festival also spreads the message of the unity in diversity. In today’s time, it is one of the popular tourist attractions for Tamil Nadu. People from every corner of India are coming here to be a part of this festival. Not only that people from different other countries are joining this festival. It can give you the real essence of Indian classical dance form. This festival is a perfect blend of Indian cuture, performing art and devotion of God.

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