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Navratra Sthapna

Navratra Sthapna

Navratra Sthapna
The Navratra festival is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm all across the country and this festival begins with the Sthapna of Mother Durga and then with the Aarti of Mother Durga. NavratraSthapna is associated with the victory of good on the evil.

Reason for the celebration of NavratraSthapna
This festival is celebrated as the victory of Goddess Durga over the devil, Mahishasura. This festival indicates that truth always wins over false.

Celebration of NavratraSthapna
Navratra is one of the most popular festivals in Hindus. On this occasion people gather in a vast place and that place is decorated with colours and lights. The place is filled with devotion and purity all around and the program starts in the evening. The festival begins with the Sthapna of Goddess Durga followed by the Maha- Aarti of Mother Durga. The followers’ enchant different types of bhajans on this holy occasion. These nine days are believed to be very holy days for a Hindu. This festival holds a great significance on the minds of people as this eve is associated with the Goddess Durga. It is believed that Goddess Durgasymbolises Shakti, which is an energy that animates all the beings. During these nine days, people worship the various forms of Mother Durga. This eve is celebrated in a completely traditional way and a variety of rituals as well as customs are performed during this occasion. People are dressed in their finest clothes on this occasion and there is a feeling of brotherhood, love and devotion all around the four corners. The Navratra's are celebrated all across the country, however this eve is celebrated with great spirits in Rajasthan and Gujarat as people gather together and they celebrate this occasion by dancing to the tunes of various religious songs. In some of the places, there is a trend of exchanging gifts too.

Impact of Navratra Sthapna on the lives of people
This festival is one of the most celebrated festivals among Hindus in our country. Every state celebrates this eve in their own rituals and customs; however the basic idea of the festival remaining the same and that is to ask the Mother for health and prosperity of the family. Navratra Sthapna is linked with the Hindu Goddess, Mother Durga. Since Goddess Durga is a known for power and bravery this festival teaches the people the abstract of power and prosperity.

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