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No Smoking Day

No Smoking Day, No Smoking Day Festival, No Smoking Day 13th March.

No Smoking Day

Smoking is such an addiction which hampers and takes away thousands of lives. It is an addiction which brings in a list of other diseases along with it. It is an addiction which is quite hard to give up but not impossible. To make the quitting of smoking more profound and have convincing effects on more people the No smoking day is observed each year. This day acts as an inspiration to those who wants to give up smoking and start a new life free of this deadly habit. It takes place on the second Wednesday of every march, every year.

The history and the path ahead

The No smoking day is observed as the annual awareness day in the country of the United Kingdom. This awareness movement was started in 1984 on the day of Ash Wednesday and since then it has been an annual celebration or rather a try to save people from the harmful effects of smoking. In the recent years this day is being observed based on some special themes. The themes are different for each year but they have a common motto. The motto is to help people to quit smoking forever. And, the research has shown that this effort has proven to be very effective. At least one among the ten people has been observed to give up smoking on the day of No smoking day.

No Smoking Day Dates:

No Smoking Day Date 2017: 08 March

No Smoking Day Date 2018: 14 March

No Smoking Day Date 2019: 13 March

No Smoking Day Date 2020: 11 March

No Smoking Day Date 2021: 10 March

No Smoking Day Date 2022: 09 March

On the No smoking Day the campaigns are prepared on various placed. A short themed campaigned is organized to let people know about the aide effects of smoking in a way which convinces most the people to get out from the clutches of the smoking to embrace a positive life. On this day anyone can join the campaign and help and try to make their fellow humans to quit smoking in order to have a better future. A person can be employed in any kind of job or she may be staying anywhere there are no restrictions for people to join this campaign on this day and bring forth a change in life of many. You may be in the education or you may be in the army, you can take part on this day from anywhere. Also, if you want to organize a campaign in prison for making the inmates to quit smoking then that also can be done. The no smoking day brings forth a promise of making people quit smoking and step towards a better future.


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