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Pandit Nehru Birthday

Pandit Nehru Birthday

Children’s Day is widely celebrated across the world as World Children Day. In India, this day is also popularly known as ‘Baal Diwas’. This day is celebrated as Pandit Nehru’s birthday, the first President of Independent India.

Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru holds a very important place in Indian modern history. However, he has always been known for his fondness and love for children. Since it is his birth day on November 14, the day was officially declared as Children’s day in India. He emphasised the role of showing affection to children in their development. Pandit Nehru was fondly remembered as Cha Cha (paternal uncle) especially for kids. He was equally fond of roses and children and often compared both of them as buds blossoming in a garden. He believed that they both should be nurtured with a lot of love and care. He considered them to be the future of the nation and the citizens of tomorrow.

Children’s Day is celebrated every year with a lot of passion all over the country on November 14. However, World Children Day is celebrated on November 20.

Children’s Day is celebrated widely across the world to honour and love children. It was established in order to protect the rights of children from long working hours, child labour and give them access to education. The UN General Assembly suggested that all countries across the globe should establish a Universal Children’s Day. This day has been established to motivate all countries to introduce a day to promote mutual exchange and understanding among children. Moreover, this day is celebrated to encourage and promote the welfare of children across the globe and celebrate their childhood.

This day is celebrated with a lot of fun and frolic by children. Many cultural programmes are organised by schools and children participate in various activities such as fun filled activities, cultural programs, fancy dress competitions, debates, speeches etc. performed during these programmes. Even local bodies such as residential communities also organize small-scale events in order to motivate children and pay a tribute to childhood. Children’s day is celebrated to focus on children and their enjoyment. It is a fun day for kids which various educational institutions across the nation mark the occasion as a grand event.


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