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Parents Day

 Parents Day

Parents’ Day – An Occasion to Honor the Unconditional Love and Support of Parents
Parents pay the most important role in shaping the future of mankind as it they who, through their relentless efforts and undying love and care, bring up children to sustain the human race in a responsible manner. While it is nearly impossible to repay this huge debt of parents, celebrating parents’ day is just a way of saluting and honoring their hard work and patience in trying to bring up the next generation in the right manner so as to create a better race of humans, who can steer the world in a new direction.

Celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July every year, the holiday was first initiated in United States in 1994. The day was recognized because of the combined efforts of various religious, public and elected leaders, who wanted to promote the sense of responsible parenting among people and also appreciate the efforts of parents. However, despite the fact that the concept of celebrating Parents’ day is relatively new, the idea was developed from the timeless need of people to show honor and gratitude towards their parents in a unique manner.
Apart from United States, several other countries across the globe also celebrate this holiday to show respect towards their parents. Predominant among these are the Republic of Korea, Vietnam and India, which are also renowned for their ancient tradition of ultimate devotion and dedication to parents and ancestors. Although the traditions of celebration this special holiday varies slightly across the various nations, its essence remains basically the same and that is to pay reverence to the parents and thank them in a small manner for all the sacrifices they make for rearing their children.

Despite the cultural dissimilarities across various nations, most children try to make the Parent’s Day full of joy and fun for their mothers and fathers. As such they try to please them in different ways, which include making meals for them, assisting them in their everyday chores, buying gifts for them and presenting them with handmade greeting cards, planning entertainment programs and performances or even taking them out for a picnic etc. Irrespective of how the children plan the day, their ultimate goal is to make their parents feel happy and show their appreciation for the constant love and support, and the countless hardships and sacrifices they make for bringing up the children.

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