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Pattadakkal Dance Festival

Pattadakkal Dance Festival, Pattadakkal Dance Festival 25th January, Pattadakkal Dance Festival in Karnataka.

Pattadakkal Dance Festival- The Chalukya Utsava
Pattadakkal city is famous for its beautiful temples and especially for the dance. It is the second capital of the Chalukya. The city is situated on the banks of famous Malprabha River that offer exquisite beauty of the place. This city has been declared as a Unesco World Heritage Site for it comprises some of the best of Chalukyan arts and architectures. Apart from this place is popular for Pattadakkal Dance festival which is observed in the month of 25th January, every year.


Pattadakkal is popular for its ethnic and cultural importance. This place is a home heritage for 10 major temples that depicts the Indian architectural traditions. Most of the temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva. Mallikarjuna and Virupaksa are among the largest one. All temples in Pattadakkal have splendid architecture with beautiful cravings. You can witness some of the interesting sculptures on the ceilings and pillars. In addition to these, you will witness Dravidian and Indian architecture of North Indians Nagara style and Pallavas. There are detailed descriptions on the temple that depict their culture and traditions.

About the Dance Festival

This dance festival is organized by the government of Karnataka. The main objective of the dance festival is to keep alive the cultural and traditional form of dancing all across the world. The Pattadakkal dance festival unveiled the multifaceted talents. On this festival, an array of Indian classical music and dance is organized. You are going to carried in to another world of music where you are going to meet the heritage of the Chalukya Kingdom. The performance from the popular artists in the fields of carnatic and classical dance will take you back to the heritage. The ambience of the festival is soothing and relaxing. You will enjoy the diverse forms of dances that will rejuvenate your soul.  This dance festival is also held in the neighbourhood temples of Aihole and Badami.
The Pattadakkal dance festival is popular that present the dancers and singers talents from all over the world. It is treat to all admires and lovers of Indian classical music and dance. This dance festival provides a great platform for the people who are talented in this field. It the perfect blend of music and dance. This festival has attracted tourists from all over the world. Apart from the music and dance, you can even witness some of the magnificent crafts meal organized at the Pattadakkal dance festival.


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