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Paush Purnima

Paush Purnima, Paush Purnima Festival, paush purnima hindus festivals.

Paush Purnima –Holy Bath at the Banks of the River Ganga
Paush Purnima holds an important date for the Hindu devotees according to the Hindu calendar. It is considered as the austerity month and is usually observed in the month of January. According to the Hindu calendar, when the full moon day occurs in the month of paush, many devotes take a dip holy bath at the Kumbh Mela. A lot of prayers and devotion is observed on this day, as people from all over the world visit this place to take a holy dip in river Yamuna and Ganga. People in large number gathered at this place to purify souls on this special occasion.

Significance of Paush Purnima

It is believed that taking holy dips in the month of Paush Purnima at the banks of River Ganga and Yamuna can purify souls. It is also foresaid that taking bath here can be relieved from all sins and can attain Moksha after death. Many devotes firmly believed that God grant all their wishes. Apart from this place, many people also visit other sacred places to take holy bath located in Ujjain, Haridwar, Allahabad and Nashik. Once they take the holy dip, the next thing they do is offer prayers and puja to sun. They also perform some religious and rituals to make this puja successful. Some people also believed that giving donations and charities is also one of the good ways to vanquish all sins on this day. On Paush Purnima, there are huge crowds in temple across the country to worship this auspicious day.


Paush Purnima is also celebrated in the name of Shakumari Godess. She is considered as the incarnation of Shakti on the earth. Shakumari is believed as the Goddess of fruits, vegetables, and green vegetables. The myth says that it didn’t rains for more than 100 years that results in animals and plants dying on the earth. Shakumari devi witness this entire situation and make her footprints on the earth. She blessed people with new life and also shower rains. Hence, this is also celebrated as Shakambari Purnima.

Rituals of Paush Purnima

Paush Purnima is also celebrated on the Bhadrpad Purnima. On this day, God is worshipped with banana leaves, fruits, pan, supari, moli, til, roli, rice, kumkum and many more. In front of this God, people arrange panchamrit. They make Prasad with wheat and sugar by roasting the mixture.


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