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Phulera Dooj

Phulera Dooj

India is a vast country with diverse culture. People here follow different gods and religions and perform several kinds of customs to please their gods. If one sees, the Hindu calendar then the person will find that it is, filled with various feasts and festivals, which is, related to the time of the calendar. For example during the spring season Hindus play with the colours which actually had some scientific meaning also. However, most of the people do not know the significance of the festivals that a Hindu person observes.





Phulera Dooj Festival Date:

Phulera Dooj Festival 2017- 28 February

Phulera Dooj Festival 2018- 17 February

Phulera Dooj Festival 2019- 08 March

Phulera Dooj Festival 2020- 25 February

Phulera Dooj Festival 2021- 15 March

Phulera Dooj Festival 2022- 04 March

People do not even bother to think about it. Among the various practices done by the Hindus, a very famous religious practice is the Phulera Dooj. From the term, one can denote that it is a festival where people play with the flowers, which in other terms that, is in Hindi it is, called the phul. A flower comes in various colours, they make everyone happy, and they had a great effect on the mind as well as on one’s mind.

Celebration of Phulera Dooj

Phulera Dooj is a festival, which is, mostly observes in the North of India. This festival is, celebrated before the Holi either in the month of February or March. It is, celebrated on the second day or the dwitiya of Shukla Paksha- during the waxing phase of the Moon of the Phalgun month usually in North India. Holi is associated with Hindu God Sri Krishna, and it is associated with the Holi festival, this Phulera Dooj is, celebrated mainly in the temples of Lord Krishna. This Phulera Dooj is, celebrated mainly in the temples like Mathura and Vrindavan and a large number of people get associated with this holy ritual.

This festival is, celebrated mainly in the Braj region where Lord Krishna made His appearances during His lifetime. During this festival some temples use colours, which are, smeared on the face of Lord Krishna. This festival falls in between two auspicious festival one is the Vasant Panchami while the other one is the Holi. Since it falls in between these two festivals, it depicts that Lord Krishna has started to prepare Himself for the upcoming festival of colours, which is, organized in all the Krishna temples all over India. According to astrology, this day has been, denoted as the most auspicious day regarding Hindu marriages, the whole day is without any kind of defects, and at any time, anyone can get married to the person.

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