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Purnima Shraddha

 Purnima Shraddha

Pitra Paksha literally means “fortnight of the ancestors”. Purnima Shraddha is also known as Pitru Pakshya, Pitri Pokkho and Bhadrapada Purnima while Mahalaya Paksha is the full Moon day of the month of Bhadrapada or Bhadra Purnima.  

In the Hindu lunar calendar Bhadra or Bhadrapada month is the sixth month of the year and it begins with the Surya’s (Planet Sun) entry into Sun Sign Virgo. The Bhadrapada month is considered auspicious in some parts of India. The day also marks the onset of retreating monsoon and devotees offer prayers for wealth and good health.

Each Full Moon day (Purnima) is an auspicious day in Hindu tradition and is considered the perfect time to perform any spiritual activity. It is also believed that Purnima (‘Pournami’ in South India) relieves one from all negative energy. Every year, a significant period of 16 days (Pitru Paksha or Shraadh) is dedicated to one’s forefathers or ancestors. Pitru Paksha or Purnima Shraddha is considered perfect for performing Tarpan rituals.

It is believed that the rituals and offerings performed during Pitru Paksha or Shraddh produces favourable results for pleasing the ancestors. The performance of Shraddha by a son during Purnima Shraddha or Pitru Paksha is regarded as compulsory to ensure that the soul of the forefather goes to heaven. Pitru Paksha or Shraadh is considered as an inauspicious period for starting of any new undertaking and shopping of new attires or any household item.

Purnima Shraddha

16 September 2016 / Friday

Purnima Shraddha - the day of the month is celebrated by performing Lord Satyanarayan puja. Satyanarayan is an avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu and in Indian mythology he is considered as an epitome of truth. Performing Satyanarayana Puja is considered auspicious during Pitru Paksha or Shraddh and is believed to have the power to guard us from all negativities and is supposed to bring prosperity, fortune and wealth.

On Bhadrapada Purnima or Purnima Shraddha, people worship the deity by offering fruits, supari, tulsi, pan, moli, kumkum, til, etc. Devotee also prepare Panchamrit (mixture of holy items) and offer it to the deity. In Bhadrapada Purnima or Purnima Shraddha, devotees also chant Satyanarayan Katha (the story of Satyanarayan) in their worship place.

Performing Shraddha and Tarpan rituals is important for the achievement of peace and blessings from their forefather’s soul. 

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