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Puri Beach Festival

Puri Beach Festival

Puri Beach Festival –Experience of Sand Art
Puri Beach festival is one of the popular festivals of Orissa. This festival is celebrated in the month of November from 23rd to 27th every year. The festival lasts for maximum five days with great fervour, dedication and devotion. In last few years, Puri beach has gained great attention all across the world. The main attraction of the Puri Beach festival are the sand rock arts, fashion shows and rock concerts organized by the Orrisa people. The festival is worth to experience once in a life time. This is the perfect opportunity for the people to visit and experience the culture and traditions of Orissa.

Highlights of Puri Beach Festival
The Puri Beach festival was originated in the year 1993. Due to the great attention from the people, the festival was acknowledged all over the world. The main attraction of the festival is that you can witness lots of entertaining events such as fashions shows, exhibitions, sumptuous cuisines, cultural programs and various other programs. This festival provides a great platform for the visitors to experience the rich culture and traditions of Orissa people. The people showcases their prosperous and talents to the tourists from all over the world at the event. During the festival you will witness wholesome experience to experience the true colours of the state. The festival offers a unique opportunity to the visitors to enjoy the bountiful charms of Orissa. The state is famous for its unique and cultural folk dances. The festival is of great importance as it is marked by the sand arts, handloom and handicrafts.

Celebrations during Puri Beach Festival
The Puri Beach festival of Orissa presents the culture and arts along with other states on a same platform. The festival offers enchanting and captivating experience for visitors and residents. The festival is filled with music and exhilarating dance performances. Cultural events are organized in the evenings to embrace the festivals. The sand sculptures are worth to see designed by the extra ordinary talents. The festival is for almost all age group as there is something unique to watch. The festival is organized in amazing. Apart from the cultural performances, this festival also highlights the sport beaches such as Kabadi, Volleyball, pole gymnastics and many more. The festival is organized by the Orissa group of tours and travels in association with the Hotel and Restaurant Association. The main aim of the festival is to encourage the hidden talents of India to showcase at the event.


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