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Quit India Day

 Quit India Day

Quit India Day

The Quit India Day, as the name suggests, is a day celebrated to commemorate the anniversary of the Quit India Movement, which proved to be a turning point in India’s freedom struggle. The day is celebrated every year on 9th August, it was on this day that Gandhi Ji initiated the movement which called for the British to leave India. It was Mahatma Gandhi, who inspired the people of this vast nation to raise their voice against the oppressive British rule in a non-violent manner through this movement.

Historical Facts About Quit India Movement

The Quit India Movement was one of the most important developments in India’s struggle for freedom. It united the masses across the length and the breadth of the country to seek complete independence for the nation.  The concept of the movement was born after the persistent efforts of British government to convince the Congress leaders to agree to the involvement of Indian troops in the Second World War on their behalf.

The Quit India Movement was divided into four phases. In the first phase, mass strikes, processions and demonstrations were carried out in various cities, towns and even villages. This phase began with the arrest of Mahatma Gandhi on 9th August 1942, and lasted for almost four days. In the second phase, raids were conducted on municipal and government buildings, which included post offices, police stations and even railway stations.

By the time the third phase was to begin, the movement had started to turn violent. In this phase there were incidents of mobs attacking the police with bombs in major territories such as Madhya Pradesh, Bombay and Uttar Pradesh. However, by the time the movement entered into its fourth phase, it had once again regained its peaceful format and that is how it was conducted until May 1994, when Mahatma Gandhi was released from prison.

Celebrating The Quit India Day

The Quit India day is a way of commemorating the brave soldiers of the Indian freedom movement. Functions are organized in numerous schools across the nation to educate the younger generation about the great sacrifices made by the martyrs and the leaders of the nation to make India independent.

The historical facts about the freedom struggle and especially the Quit India Movement are highlighted through skits, plays, paintings and exhibitions. In addition, youngsters are inspired to showcase their views about the various aspects of the freedom struggle through different competitions and quizzes.


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