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Raja Ram Mohan Roy Jayanti

 Raja Ram Mohan Roy Jayanti

Raja Ram Mohan Roy Jayanti
The Indian History is flooded with great spirituals, warriors, saints and kings. One such famous personality is Sri Raja Ram Mohan Roy who was born on 22 of May in the year 1772. He was the organiser of the Brahma Samaj and the Atmiya Sabha. He was married thrice and he is popular worldwide for his social reforms and different kinds of social movements.

Life and works of Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Raja Ram Mohan Roy is popularly known as the Maker of Modern India. It was him, who asked the Hindus to give up meaningless customs and beliefs. He worked a lot for improving the status of women in the society and it was all due to his efforts that the Sati System was abolished. He was an independent thinker and a renowned scholar. He read different types of literature in English and he also advocated the study of Science and medicine. He was entitles with the title "Raja" by the Mughals. Raja Ram Mohan Roy is a personality who made various efforts for leading India towards Modernity.

Celebration on this day
He is regarded as the man who acted as the originator of different types of secular movements in the country. This day is not declared at as an official holiday, so most of the people celebrate this day at their workplaces itself. Dedicated to his revolutionary ideas different types of seminars are conducted on the latest social issues. Other than this, there are different events that are held this day that are dedicated to his life. However the institutes that are named after the name of this famous personality “Raja Ram Mohan Roy” conduct special seminars on the life of this legendary person. However there are many other ways of celebrating this day too, say for instance people can raise slogans and banners on the road that are against the evil practises that are still prevailed in the society.

Significance of this day on the lives of people
The various rigid as well as meaningless believe and traditions like the Sati System were absolutely abolished from the lives of the Indian people. Upliftment of women and modernization of India are some of the evidences that can be seen these days and all the credit for this goes to this famous personality. Raja Ram Mohan Roy is the person who gave a different name and different way of living to the Hindus and Hinduism.


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