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Rajasthan Foundation Day

Rajasthan Foundation Day, Rajasthan Foundation Day Festival, Rajasthan Foundation Day Celebration.

Rajasthan Foundation Day –The Legend Celebration

The real zest of Rajasthan is observed every year on the 30th March. Rajasthan reflects the true essence of true warriors and royalty. It is the largest state in India after the independence. The land is engaged with the borders of Haryana and Punjab, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh in the East and Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat in the South. The state is famous for its excellent variety of skills. The brass work, printings, tie and dye work, handicrafts, blue pottery, marble, statue making, enamel woollen, carpets, and exquisite gems and jewellery. It is truly the land of music, rituals, dance, and festivals. In order to commemorate this, the Rajasthan foundation day is hugely celebrated in the month of March.

Rajasthan Foundation Day Date: 30 March


The Rajasthan people truly enjoy every festival with fervour and gusto. Apart from this, the state organizes various festivals and fairs throughout the year. The tourists in Rajasthan enthral dancing, singing, drama and music. Rajasthan foundation day, also known as Rajasthan Diwas is celebrated to showcase the culture and tradition of Rajasthan including the traditional cuisines, folk art and sports. This event is celebrated on large manner to enliven the Rajasthani culture from 24th to 30th March.  The government of the state every year add new attractions to the event to take the festival at international level.

Highlights of the Event

Tourists attending this event can experience the sumptuous local cuisines that include, Hadoti, Marwari, Dundhari, Punjabi, Mewari and other food items. Apart from the food festival, you will truly enjoy the craft bazaar organize at the event. This craft bazaar showcase pottery, handicrafts, embroideries, wood and metal, print and textiles and various work from the different region of Rajasthan. The event truly promises to offer the best attractions that one can enjoy when attending this event. No event can be exciting without the dancing and music. To enlighten this event, visitors can experience the true reflection of Rajasthani dance and music that will soothe your eyes and ears.

Apart from all this, the event also organize cultural shows and live concerts at the majestic Amer fort, Albert Hall and other eye arresting locations to entertain people. You can experience a variety of programs where people from all walk of life visit. Tourists as well as residents enjoy Rajasthan Foundation day with great enthusiasm. So do not delay and enjoy the real life of Rajasthani culture in the coming year of this event.


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