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Rajgir Dance Festival

Rajgir Dance Festival

The Rajgir Festival of Bihar- Dance Festival
India is a region where different types of festivals are celebrated by different types of communities. The Rajgir Dance festival is one of these colourful festivals. The Rajgir Dance festival is one of these colourful festivals and it is held in the last week of October. This festival continues for three days. It will be celebrated from 24th October to 26th October. 

History of the Rajgir Dance festival

Rajgir is a city with great historical importance and it is situated about 15 km from Nalanda. This city features some of the most beautiful temples and monasteries of the country. The Magadha Empire in Bihar held its capital at Rajgir and this place is considered holy by both the Jains as well as the Buddhists it is because the place is associated with Lord Buddha and Lord Mahavir.

Celebrating of the Rajgir Dance Festival

The Bihar Governments’ department of Tourism organises this festival every year.  Leading artists from the different states of the country join this festival and showcase their talent. This place is producing some of the finest singers and dancers of the country, all thanks to the festival as it offers a platform for the budding artists to showcase their talents. This place is a great tourist hub too, visitors from the different parts of the world love to explore the beauty of this town. The tourists that arrive at the time of Rajgir festival not only explore the Indian culture but they also get a chance to know the diversity of Indian culture and the talent that the country holds.
This festival represents all the cultures of the country. The festival holds each and every type of music be it devotional songs, instrumental music, folk or opera. Just in the case of music, there are different types of dances held in this festival like classical dance or ballet. Every year the organisers organise nights in which some of the country's best singers get a chance to perform live. There is a sense of enjoyment and love all around the state during this festival. People come from far- away places to attend this festival.

Significance of the festival on the lives of people

This festival is associated not only with the religious belief but with the growing popularity of this place and this festival has made Rajgir a great tourist hub. This place features warm water ponds that are believed to contain some kind of natural medicinal properties that help in curing the skin diseases. The shanti stupa is also one of the famous tourist destinations.

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