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Sai Teun Ram Jayanti

 Sai Teun Ram Jayanti

Sai Teun Ram Jayanti
Sai Teun Ram Jayanti is celebrated by the Hindus in the month of July. It is celebrated in the honor of Sai or Saint Teun Ram. The Saint is remembered for his teachings and other good virtues. The festival is one of the special celebrations for the Hindus.
In the year of 2013, the festival is observed on the 6th day of the month of July.

About Sai Teun Ram
Sai Teun Ram was one of the saints of India who are well deserving of mention. He is regarded as a saint in true spirit and his heart is compared to that of a God. This proves how as a person he was. Not only in India, he is also well known all around the world. His virtues which are really good are hard to describe in words. All his life, the Saint was dedicated to working in the field of spiritual force. His grandson named Satguru Swami Teunram ji Maharaj was able to become a Guru in true sense, where the credit goes to the Saint.
Sai Teun Ram led a very simple life, despite the fact that he was famous among the devotees. This shows that the Saint was down to earth in nature. His works are always to be remembered with great faith in this universe among the Hindus. It is believed that his force  which was spiritual got transferred to Swami Tenuram after the demise of the Saint. It can be noted that Sai Teun Ram belonged to a family of great people such as himself.
The mention of Sai Teun Ram is found in various Bhajans and holy texts of the Hindus. These elements provide respect to the works of the Saint. The songs on him contain the expression of love of the devotees towards him. These songs are meant to bring peace of mind, while going through the struggles of life. Sai Teun Ram was a very inspirational and influential teacher for the Hindus in terms of various aspects of survival.

Celebration of Sai Teun Ram Jayanti
The celebration of the concerned festival brings joy and happiness for the devotees of the Saint. His works and the teachings are discussed and dissected. The songs and the texts are presented as the teachings to the young generation. Also, the thoughts on the works of the Saint are shared among the devotees. The discussions lead to further inspiration for the people who are devoted to Sai Teun Ram. The statues and the images of the Saint are also being worshiped on this special day.


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