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Saint Surdas Jayanti

surdasSaint Surdas Jayanti
It is said that hard work and will power can drive a person to wherever he wants to reach and May 8 is regarded as the birthday of a great person who was blind but still is regarded as one of the finest poets of the country. He was a saint and he sung different types of beautiful songs about Lord Krishna. His songs and his voice captured the minds of the people at that time. It is believed that the Mughal emperor, the King Akbar was one of his fans.

Life of Saint Surdas and his works
He was very much devoted towards Lord Krishna and he sang songs that revealed the childhood of Lord Krishna. He composed bhajans in Braj language. All these poems were related to Krishna and his life; these Bhajans explain the moral teachings and lessons by narrating short episodes from Lord Krishna's life. Some of his great works include the Sursagar, Sahitya- Lahiri, Sur- Saravali. It is believed that Saint Surdas dreamt of Lord Krishna asking him to visit Vridavan. He founded Guru Vallabhacharya there; the guru himself was a devotee of Lord Krishna. Saint Surdas acquired knowledge about the Hindu Scriptures and then he dedicated his entire life to Lord Krishna.

Celebration of the Saint Surdas Jayanti
His birthday is celebrated with great zeal all across the country. There are different types of musical competitions and musical nights held in some of the places. However his birthday is celebrated with great love and enthusiasm in Vrindavan, where he dreamt of Lord Krishna. There are some of the Bhajan teams that consist of mainly the blind singers and their sweet songs fill the air with the spirit of devotion and spirituality.

Significance of Saint Surdas Jayanti on the lives of people
He also created a feeling of nationalism among the Indians and many of his works helped in easy spreading of the Bhakti movement in the country. He not only united the people with a feeling of nationalism but he also developed a hope for a million handicapped people to make a name for the several years gone and for the hundreds to come.  He touched the hearts of the people with devotional and spiritual songs. The devotional songs of Lord Krishna’s Childhood sung by him can never be taken away from the hearts of millions of Lord Krishna’s devotees all across the world.


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