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Sair Fair

Sair Fair

Sair Fair

The Sir Fair is one of the most important fairs celebrated in Shimla, the capital city of the state of Himachal Pradesh. The fair, which is organized on the Sankranti of the Hindu month of Ashwin, is renowned for its main event of buffalo fight. The fair attracts numerous visitors from India and abroad to witness the buffalo fight which is considered by many to be a replica of the Bull Fight held in Athens in Sparta.

Celebration of Sair Fair

 According to local legend, the Sair festival is organized as a mark of respect for Banar Devta. The fair comprises of various cultural activities which include local folk dance and singing performances, most of which are planned for the evenings. In addition, artists from remote parts of the state attend the fair to present their skills in front of a live audience. In addition, people wear colorful attire and expensive jewelry and have fun in various ways to add to the festive spirit.

The fair also features various numerous temporary shops and stalls which display the local handicrafts, as well as items of everyday use including jewelry, utensils, pottery and even garments. Many people consider the fair to be an opportunity to enjoy and have fun in the company of friends and family as well as countless other people they have never met before. It is an event that encourages the sense of harmony, peace and brotherhood amongst the people attending the fair.

About The Buffalo Fight

The buffalo fight that takes place during the Sair Fair in Himachal Pradesh is famous not only in India, but across the globe. It is believed that the fight is inspired by various other animal fights organized around the world, prominent among which is the Bull fight of Athens. However there is one significant difference between the two events. While the bull fight in Athens is not open to general public for viewing, the buffalo fight in Shimla can by witness by anyone wanting present in the city.

Just like the fight in Athens, special training is given to the buffalos taking part in the fight. The training is generally imparted all through the year by the locals owning the buffalos and buffalo winning the fight I given special treats while the owner is held in high regard by the local community. Despite the ban on animal fights, the event is a major highlight of the annual Sair Fair.


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