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Sharif Bhagwati Fair (Kashmir)

 Sharif Bhagwati Fair (Kashmir)

Sharif Bhagwati Fair (Kashmir)
India is the country full of colors. The color of India starts from the religion and ends with the dress. The color of India gets a good shape in platter and then it ended up with the cultural and traditional fairs and festivals of India. India is a huge country with the traits of multi-cultural and multi-dimensional beauty. Being one of the world’s democratic country, the people of this country celebrate various fairs and festivals all over the country as well as all months in a single year. The people of this country happily celebrate every festival in their own way. Some of these festivals are world famous one and they got a world platform for them to showcase the ecstasy of them.

Kashmir- The Heaven
Kashmir one of the most beautiful place, which India owns in its basket of beauty. Sometimes Kashmir is referred as the place or rather the Heaven on Earth. The main reason for which it has been given the name is the widespread natural beauty whose beauty smoothes the mind and the heart of the beholder whose eyes sees the beauty. People of various religions are still now living in a great harmony and they are happy to be together and the people fell interconnected with each other through various fairs and various colorful festivals who thread up the heart of the people of Kashmir. This state was a link between various people especially the foreign one who came to India to give India some of the great culture which now it owns. The culture and the people have a great influence from the Mughal. The art and many other things are highly influenced by those who invaded India and then they settle here to make India’s heritage the unique one among the other countries of the world.

Fairs and festivals are those things which links the people as well the religion. Festivals mainly depend on the cultured religions and the people believe in them. Sometimes the non religious people also come to know about some of the particular festivals and sometimes people do participate in them. Sometimes there are various kinds of fairs where people of inter religion participate to make that fair a wonderful experience for everyone such as the Sharif Bhagwati Fair which is held in the month of July in Kashmir. People enjoy there and they get to know and even buy various things for them from there.

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