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Shravana Putrada Ekadashi

Shravana Putrada Ekadashi

Shravana Putrada Ekadashi

The festival of Shravana Putrada Ekadashi is celebrated on the 11th day of the dark fortnight of the Shravan month which falls in July-August. It is one of the two Putrada Ekadashi celebrated during a Hindu year with the other one celebrated during the month of December-January which corresponds to the Paush month of Hindu calendar. Shravana Putrada Ekadashi, which is also famous by the name of Pavitra Ekadashi and Pavitropana Ekadashi is considered especially significant for childless couples and is deemed extremely pious by Vaishnavas.

In 2013, Shravan Putrada Ekadashi will be celebrated on 17th August.

The Legend of Putrada Ekadashi

Once there lived a rich and powerful king named Mahijit, who ruled the peaceful territory of Mahishmati. The King was depressed because of being childless and hence sought the advice of his council of wise men, saints and priests. However, none could come up with a solution for his problem. Seeing the distress of their king, the council of wise men appealed to Rishi Lomesh, who was an omniscient and wise sage.

Lomesh found out through his meditation that the current predicament of the king was the result of a grave sin committed by him in his past life. He told the council of wise men that in his previous life, Mahijit was a merchant, and once during his travel felt extremely thirsty. He soon reached a pond where a cow was drinking water with her calf. Mahijit drove the cow and calf away from the pond after which he quenched his thirst.

The Rishi further told the council of wise men that it was this sin that resulted in the King being childless in this life, even though his other good deeds in the previous life made him the king of a peaceful land. He then advised the King and Queen to observe the Shravan Putrada Ekadashi, to get redemption from their sins. The royal couple, along with the citizens of their kingdom, followed the Rishi’s advice and soon the King and queen were blessed with a beautiful son.

Significance of Shravan Putrada Ekadashi

In the Hindu culture, having a son is considered extremely important and it is believed that couples who observe this fast with devotion are blessed with one. The fast dedicated to Lord Vishnu, lasts for 24 hours and the observers need to remain vigilant through the night and offer prayers to the deity. Feeding poor people and donating clothes and money to Brahmins is also considered auspicious.


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